What You Need to Know About Super Mario Maker 2?

Sandbox games or titles in which the player has a huge say so in the creation process are popular among modern gamers but aren’t a recent phenomenon.

Indeed, making your own video games is often the dream of every young gamer.

Heck, even some of us older gamers dream about making our own game one day.

One title that is a touchstone for most gamers, and one that is often used for imaginary sessions of game developer, is the classic Super Mario Bros. series of games.

For the gamer that has always dreamed about making his own Mario game, Super Mario Maker was a groundbreaking game and one that, luckily, spawned a new series from Nintendo.

As the name implies, Super Mario Maker puts you in charge of crafting your own Mario level, complete with bad guys, power ups, traps, and secrets, and then lets you export that stage to the Internet so that other gamers can try it out.

If you thought you could do one better than Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Maker was your chance to do just that.

The only problem is that it came out on the beleaguered Wii U, a system that failed to catch on like its predecessor and which, in hindsight, had a few really strong titles from Nintendo but not much else.

Among the Wii U’s greatest contributions to gaming is the Super Mario Maker series, a game which got a re-release on the hyper-successful Nintendo Switch.

Naturally, we’re here to tell you about the sequel that is coming out June 28th and everything that we know about it so far.

Like the first game, Super Mario Maker 2 will basically be a powerful level editor for Super Mario Bros. games. It will span the gamut of releases with graphics evocative of the era the Super Mario game was released. Further, levels will be shareable online with friends and others.

One new theme that is coming to Super Mario Maker 2 is the new Super Mario 3D World theme. This is expected to be among the biggest and most-anticipated additions to the game.

Super Mario 3D World, for those of you that may not have had the chance to play it, was the Mario outing for Wii U.

A console version of the concept introduced in the 3DS game, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario 3D World occupies a space between direct 3D games like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario 3D World offers template choices that are very different from the other games. Nonetheless, the opportunity to make semi-3D levels using Mario assets is too much for many fans to pass up.

Aside from the overt graphical differences between the versions, enemy behavior is also slightly different depending on which Mario title they are taken from and gameplay options are, similarly, limited by the era within which you are making a level.

Don’t worry – you’ll still be able to make the impossible Kaizou Mario level of your dreams, that much is certain.

Best of all is the new online cooperative mode. While you could share your creations with other people in the previous game, this time you can join forces to make a level together.

For gamers that mourn the fact that this isn’t a “traditional” Mario game, have no fear.

Nintendo has you covered with Super Mario Maker 2.

Because this game will feature a single-player campaign that will have a story.

Featuring 100 levels made by Nintendo’s designers, the single-player story mode experience involves rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle by collecting coins throughout the levels. There will also be other hidden tasks doled out to players as they make their way through the game.

An area of concern that players who are familiar with the last game have is that they worry the controls will not be as intuitive as they were on the Wii U’s unique, bulky gamepad.

Unlike traditional controllers, the Wii U’s player 1 gamepad was a miniature tablet with touch response. It also included a stylus which made the grid-like structure of Super Mario Maker’s interface easy to understand and use.

Thankfully, the Switch’s touch screen makes this a breeze. Many of you might have wondered what in the heck the touch screen on the Switch was for and Super Mario Maker 2 is coming around the bend to prove to you that it isn’t worthless.

Of course, there are multiple input options and other gamers might find something better that works for them. We do know that, if you are creating a stage with a friend, one of you will have to make use of a Joy Con controller.

As far as the online options go for Super Mario Maker 2, Nintendo is promising world rankings as well as a huge community built up around this game.

Since the online community was so key to the last title’s success, we aren’t really surprised by that at all.

The only question about Super Mario Maker 2 that remains unanswered is how fun it is to play in a portable format.

Make no mistake, even with its touch screen, the Wii U was a traditional console. Will Super Mario Maker 2 still be as fun and addictive as a pure portable?

Well, we have some evidence that it will be in the form of the 3DS game. While not as huge as the Wii U game, Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS sold remarkably well and proved that the demand for a do-it-yourself Mario game was there.

Arriving in little over a month, Super Mario Maker 2 will be one of the biggest sellers for the system this year – guaranteed. If you enjoy games like Minecraft and other sandbox titles, plus you have an undying passion for all things Mario, then this pickup is really a no brainer for you.

But the rest of us might have to wait and see. After all, so much of the magic in a Mario game comes from the design geniuses at Nintendo themselves. Just how big the crossover market is for Mario fans that want Nintendo’s own work to those who like to do it themselves will be an interesting trend to watch emerge with the hyper successful Nintendo Switch.

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