Nintendo’s E3 2019 Show Highlights

The E3 2019 show has come and gone but not without leaving its mark on gamers everywhere with its over-the-top announcements, hype beyond belief, and more stuff to look forward to in the immediate future than many of us can remember having in a long time. 

We’re talking the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Cyberpunk 2077, and more. 

But we’re here to talk about Nintendo which, despite rocking a relatively underpowered system compared to the current generation and definitely against the upcoming systems from Sony and Microsoft, showed up this year and showed everyone why the Big N cannot be counted out of any contest. 

And if you’re looking for some highlights from Nintendo’s show, then you have come to the right place. Here we will summarize the best and let you know everything that happened as far as Nintendo was concerned at E3 2019.

The Witcher 3 Coming to the Switch

Wow, just, wow. This is a pretty big deal because The Witcher 3 is only one of the best (if not the best) game of the current generation. While the Switch version won’t have the graphical fidelity of the PS4 or other releases. Nonetheless, for most of us, the big selling point here is that it is a portable version of one of the most epic games ever released. 

New Animal Crossing

A new Animal Crossing game is coming and it should be here by 2020. Called New Horizons, this new title will take advantage of the Switch’s hybrid capabilities and should be one of the most addictive games of the year when it arrives. Too bad we have to wait just a little while for it to come out. 

Dark Crystal Comes to Switch

Netflix’s resurrection of the classic Jim Henson IP is not just a streaming-only event. It will also have a strategy game tied-in with the release of a tactical role-playing game on the Nintendo Switch. Like many of Nintendo’s announcements this year, you won’t have to wait long for this one to come out as it will be releasing this year. 

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

The tradition continues with Mario and Sonic teaming up for another Olympics-licensed game. Expect the traditional events and the iconic characters from both series that you remember. 

Return of No More Heroes

The No More Heroes franchise will be getting a third game which should warm the hearts of fans of the first game that debuted on the Wii so long ago. 

More Resident Evil Games on the Switch

Capcom confirmed that they will be bringing more of their current crop of Resident Evil titles out for the Switch with RE 5 and 6 being the most likely first candidates for this port. And who knows? Maybe the Switch will get a port of the remade Resident Evil 2 game that recently tore up the sales charts for PS4 and Xbox One.

Astral Chain

An anime-inspired hack and slash game from Platinum Games, this game could be a real surprise hit for the Switch. 

Surprise, Surprise: Luigi’s Mansion 3 Makes an Appearance

Best of all is that you won’t have to wait very long for this title to drop. Coming out this year, Luigi’s Mansion 3 features much the same conceit as the other games but with a huge emphasis on coop – up to 8 players even! You can play two-player cooperative using a clone of Luigi called Gooigi which we’re sure will soon join the massive Mario pantheon of characters as a mainstay.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Coming this July 26, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a pretty big deal for the franchise because it will be one of the first mainline console releases for the game in a while in its traditional format outside of Japan. This game was not so much of a surprise as its presence was a chance for Nintendo to remind us all that this awesome tactical RPG is coming soon. 

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The classic Game Boy title is coming back with a fresh set of graphics and all of the charm and gameplay you remember but for modern audiences. We’ve known this was coming for a while now but it was awesome to see the game in action finally. In a nod to the Mario Maker craze and its impact on Nintendo’s recent game design, Link’s Awakening will even have a mode where players can design their own stages. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Coming Your Way

….featuring none other than Dragon Quest’s The Hero. If you’re not familiar with Enix’s long running JRPG, it basically got its start on the Famicom all the way back in the day so The Hero’s appearance is a throwback in more ways than one. As far as when he will be showing up on Smash rosters, you can expect him sometime this summer according to Nintendo. Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie will also be making an appearance on the DLC roster this year.

Finally…A Sequel to Breath of the Wild

Probably some of the biggest news of the whole event was that Nintendo told us that there will be a sequel to the legendary Breath of the Wild and that we can expect it in the near future. If you haven’t played the game yet, you still have a chance to get in on that action. For the rest of us, speculating about what Breath of the Wild’s sequel will be about is only part of the fun. Easily one of the best games Nintendo has made in a long time, Breath of the Wild as so much more potential that could be harnessed in a sequel that the possibilities are endless. This was probably some of the biggest news of E3 2019 on the real and it was largely overshadowed by flashy new hardware. 

Whenever it comes out, we can be pretty sure that Breath of the Wild will be one of the biggest releases that year whether or not it is going up against new consoles.

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